Griffiths in World War I

morris trenchwwi Morris and his mates   

Morris in his foxhole in 1918                                                                     Camp                                                Morris (seated) and his mates in hospital     
All four of the Griffith boys born in Poultney Vermont registered for the Draft in World War I but only Morris and Richard, the younger two, actually served. Generally men with families were not allowed to go into the Great War.
Morris was one of four Griffith sons born in Poultney Vermont as first generation Americans, and joined the Army in World War I to fight with his British cousins. Morris was wounded twice. Once a German tree felled a tree on him and he was shot through the hand while trapped under the tree. The second time was at the Meuse Argonne offense, Oct 3 1918 when he was machine gunned while trying to go through the barbed wire to attack the German line. He served as a Private in L company of the 307th infantry, and had he not been wounded probably would have been part of the company to rescue comrades of  K company, known as the 'Lost Patrol'. The Lost Patrol successfully reached their objective which got them cut off from Morris's company, 'L' which took major casualties and stopped short of their objective. Morris was nursed back to health against all odds by his future wife, British Army nurse Hilda Robinson from Liverpool. He never received a pension.

There are other colorful stories about Morris. He used to ride in a horse and buggy with his three brothers from Poultney Vermont to Granville, New York, about 8 miles, where they would get drunk and cause a ruckus in a notorious bar. Once, Morris was jailed after a high speed buggy race from the New York police ended in a crash right before he escaped over the border into Vermont. The brothers used to ride the buggy over to the tavern, get drunk, and then tell the Horse to go home while they fell asleep in the carriage, and woke in their barn the next day.

Morris died of cancer. BELOW: Left, Morris and Hilda, possible wedding picture and Right, Morris in Uniform. The pictures are from photocopies of the originals

wedding   morris uniform


The Pictures below are photocopies of WWI photos of Dick Griffiths in Uniform. He was Morris's brother, and he was a WWI plane mechanic, possibly the Sopwith Camel. He is Top Left in the first picture and Far Right in the second. The original pictures are with another family member
dick griffithsDicknwar2