Mackinac Island Michigan USA

                                                                                                                                                                        THE BORDER COVENANT  A Novel
SMILIN' THROUGH - A slide show and song

A Bike Ride Around Mackinac Island A Ferry Boat Ride From Mackinac Island Ryan drilling to video in Fort Mackinac Whitefish Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior

Richard and Kim on the Beach with Mackinac Island in the distance before the crossing to the Island. Mackinac Island  is located in Lake Huron near the Mackinac Bridge to the upper pennisula of Michigan. The Grand Hotel was the scene of at least two movies, the best known being "Somewhere in Time" which featured Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Automobiles are not allowed on the Island, and transportation is by Horse and bicycle. It is a very Victorian Island, with a tourist flavor but also with exceptional natural beauty..


View of the Grand Hotel on the way to the Island from the Ferry
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Kim biking on the path near town                                                Kim lounging on the porch of the Grand Hotel


     Mackinac Bridge from a tour boat

Grand Hotel: the pathway up to the Victorian Homes

Grand Hotel

mackinac house     mackinac house
Kim in front of a Victorian home on the island                Another of the many beautiful homes on the island

beauty of mackinac island
A quiet spot by the harbour with Round Island Lighthouse in the Background
mackinac island coral
View of the Island coast . The slight reddish color in the shallows has been referred to as fresh water coral. I have never heard of that before I read it on another internet site

moon over mackinac
Moonrise over Mackinac Island seen from a hotel in St. Ignace in May


Butterflies on the Island

Lighthouses and Mackinac Bridge