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Griffiths and Jones Family History From Wales to the USA and Africa

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Four Griffiths Children Left to Right About 1910: Ethel, died of whooping cough at Five;
Margaret, who became a Teacher; George, a future exec at Goodyear; Wayne, who became a doctor
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THE BORDER COVENANT A novel by Hugh Griffith

A compelling novel of the French and Indian War in the spirit of THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS   


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        Smiling Through is a song that I  heard on the BBC once and memorized  the first time I heard it.  It is a very  simple song that I fell in love with, and  a  few months later, I sang it a capella at  my  wedding to Kimberly Ann. The older people in the  church had tears  in their eyes, and to  me they were tears of joy. It also reflects a very 'British' theme of success and cheer through long and difficult years that life brings.  The values of these two families came from life in the oldest mountain range on Earth, in North Wales, where the hard old stones lie amidst the patches of green. If you want to hear me singing this song, click  SMILING THROUGH

richard griffith Kim Griffith Snowdon Wales
                                                Richard and Kim on Mount Snowdon's slope
This website is intended to look back through the longing years of hardship to the Griffith family, miners who emigrated from Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales at the end of the last century, and have emerged still smiling through this vale of tears, enduring the tests of this world and the next. It also contrasts the Jones family of Mount Vernon New York , England, and Africa. In particular, these are pictures and stories of Welsh immigrants to America, to Poultney, Vermont, where the Founder of the New York Times was born and raised, and Mount Vernon, New York, which saw the successful rise of  a middle class.
Lighthouses Near Mackinac Island Butterflies on Mackinac Island
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Jones Family on Glen Isle New York c. 1915 Blaenau Ffestiniog Griffiths Family History The Great Train Wreck Views from the Farm in Colesville New York 1924-1934 Jones in England Griffiths in Ilion New York
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Views of Snowdonia The Conway Valley and Llanrwst William Meredith Jones and Margaret Ann Griffiths BOOKSHELF Family pictures 1900-1915 More Mackinac Vacation

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